Carli: ‘It’s not bad luck for Parma’

Parma sporting director Marcello Carli said the Gialloblu must ‘take responsibility for a disastrous year’ and stressed they can’t blame bad luck in 2020-21.

The Gialloblu will be relegated in case of a defeat to Torino tonight and Carli said the club have to take their time when they analyse a difficult season.

“Analysing this year needs time,” he told Sky Sport Italia. “We must take responsibility for a disastrous year for a group that had to do differently.

“We failed to do things differently, there are important minutes in which you play with your gut and heart, and we were disastrous.

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“We lost 15 points in the last five to six minutes, drawing and losing like in Cagliari, which was the last game where we could demonstrate.

“We have, on the other hand, demonstrated chronic defects, we have our responsibilities and we have to finish well, because we owe it to everyone.

“It’s not bad luck, the characteristics have led us to a disastrous championship.”

Carli said they are not thinking about next season and can’t confirm his own or coach Roberto D’Aversa’s future at the Crociati.

“Our future is an important game today, we can’t think about next year. We have time on our side.

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“The future of D’Aversa will begin in the next few days. Mine, if there are the conditions to start working again or not.

“One thing is certain, Parma will restart from the young players who will all remain. From [Dennis] Man to [Valentin] Mihaila to [Simon] Sohm.

“Parma will decide who stays and who goes away, we have a strength that others don’t have and decide based on our ideas.

“Whoever stays is because we think they are strong and will thus not leave.”

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