Inter Miami have integrated quickly into MLS culture

Though Inter Miami remains fairly new to MLS, the team has wasted no time in getting acclimated.

The south Florida side first took to the pitch in February 2020, but after all the fanfare and intrigue surrounding David Beckham’s franchise, their momentum was quickly halted by Covid. However, despite the obstacles, Inter Miami still managed to form an identity through the city and fans. 

Even prior to their first kick off, Inter Miami had already established three official supporters groups: the Siege, Southern Legion and Vice City 1896. 

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CF Montreal v Inter Miami CFCF Montreal v Inter Miami CF
The DRV PNK stadium during the 2-0 defeat to Montreal | Michael Reaves/Getty Images

All three groups borrow from Latin and American influences to create an authentic atmosphere for their team. 

Inter Miami’s stadium, DRV PNK, features an entire stand dedicated to its official supporters. During games, other spectators can see flags waving to the beat of the drums being played. Those without props contribute with creative chants and continuous jumping. 

During their 2-0 defeat to CF Montreal on 13 May, the stadium never went silent – even amid weather delays. Though the vibe might not be Anfield during Champions League nights, Inter Miami supporters want to make their presence known. 

The team’s stadium itself enables fans to feel Miami’s influences, despite being 45 minutes north in Fort Lauderdale. The seats mirror Inter Miami’s colors, creating a sea of pink.

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Though other MLS sides boast similar fan experiences, none have reached this level as quickly as the south Florida expansion team. 

Despite the results on the pitch (Inter Miami sit 10th from 14 after five games in the Eastern Conference), fans continue to show up in their numbers, while heavyweight boxing champion Tyson Fury and DJ David Guetta were among the celebrity attendees.

Reports claim that the stadium will be allowed to operate at its full 18,000 capacity from 29 May, only enhancing an already impressive atmosphere.

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Investors knew that football culture thrived in south Florida, but few expected this type of commotion for a new team. 

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