Cosmi: ‘No excuses for Crotone’

Serse Cosmi maintains ‘even a draw would’ve been very harsh’ on Crotone, so losing 3-2 to Spezia in stoppages was ‘shocking. There are no excuses.’

The Squali were 1-0 up in Spezia, then leading 2-1 at the 88th minute, but managed to throw it all away for a 3-2 result.

“Unfortunately, this is becoming something of a trend. It’s a pity, that’s the word that comes to me, a pity to waste all that hard work both during the week and the game,” Cosmi told Sky Sport Italia.

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“The performance was more than positive, we are scoring goals regularly. There are, in my view, no excuses today. We effectively gifted the result.

“With all due respect for the opposition, but I do feel today even a draw would’ve been very harsh on us. A defeat is simply shocking. We absolutely did not deserve this.

“We were beating Bologna 2-0 and conceded three. We had closed on Napoli to 3-3, then lost there too. Despite conceding the equaliser today, we pushed forward, went 2-1 up and in the following minutes came so close to 3-1.

“When it seemed as If we just had to hang on for three minutes, there was this series of errors and we can only take responsibility for it.

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“This team plays some very nice football and you wouldn’t think they deserve to bottom of the table. I can only imagine what they’ll write in the papers tomorrow to analyse this defeat, but quite simply we didn’t deserve it.”

In all six of Cosmi’s games on the Crotone bench, they have at some stage either been leading or managed to get an equaliser, before throwing it away.

“Conceding that goal at the 89th minute is shocking. I don’t even know what to say about the third goal… Since returning to Serie A, I’ve heard all these debates about playing out from the back, pressing high, etc, but we did everything right today until conceding some truly ridiculous goals.

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“I am sorry for the people of Crotone, as on the one hand we are honouring the league, while on the other these performances just increase the regrets.”

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