Arsenal fans made some incredible signs to take to the Stan Kroenke protest

In the build-up to Friday’s meeting with Everton, Arsenal fans flooded the grounds of the Emirates Stadium with one clear message – owner Stan Kroenke must go.

The 73-year-old American, who has been seen as the pantomime villain at Arsenal for a good few years now, signed his side up to be part of the awful Super League plans. That was the final straw for some supporters who had watched Kroenke pinch the pennies for years, only to use his savings to hand Willian a £220,000-a-week contract.

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They went to protest, and as you’d imagine, there were some serious, emotional signs.

Nice, clear, serious and simple. You can’t go wrong.

However, on top of those, there were some outstanding signs on show.

We see what you did there.

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There were thousands of Arsenal fans making their voices heard, and even though this is obviously a serious matter, a bit of light-hearted humour is what we all need after the complete and utter s**tstorm that was the past seven days.

But the undisputed winner sits below…

And you know what? These protests (we reckon its the signs, tbf) might have actually done the job – as the co-founder of Spotify (!!!) admitted he’d be ready to step in if KSE were going to sell…

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